Education made easy when you can prepare, generate and share worksheets with just a few clicks.

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How does it work?

With the latest technology of SmartJen now, you can ‘smartly generate’ practice questions online instead of traditional way.


Generate worksheets in an instant. Pick from thousands of questions in our Question Bank to combine with your own.


Personalise the worksheets based on your selected criteria. Flexibility to replace and re-order the generated questions at anytime.


Use our unified platform to automatically distribute worksheets online. Save hours of time spent on printing and manual distributing!

Our Features

Simple yet sophisticated! Create worksheets of different academic levels,
topics and difficulties with just a few easy steps!

Worksheet Generator

Easy creation and customisation of personalised worksheets each of unique levels of challenge with just the push of a button.

Online Access

Left your worksheet behind? Create a new one or load a saved copy in just a few minutes from the cloud. Access the worksheets and progress reports wherever and whenever you want.

Personalised Learning

Learning is personal. Utilise the tailored suggestions from the system to select the most appropriate questions based on your student’s performance.

Organised Questionbank

Thousands of unique questions curated by seasoned educators based on a framework for heuristic based teaching. Never have to ask the same question twice!

Handwriting Recognition

Automated marking open-ended questions! Using advanced AI handwriting technology, simply convert any digital handwriting from students into text for auto marking or your review!

Content & Videos

Personalise your teaching with approach with different types of content! Use videos, images and many more to suit your pedagogy and complete the teaching process!

Our Technologies

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Artificial Intelligence

Augmented with AI-powered algorithms, our platform handles the technical task of analysing and diagnosing student performance as well as revising content for further retraining-all with a few clicks of a button. Leave the time consuming tasks to SmartJen, occupy yourself with what’s really important - Teaching.

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Recommendation System

Automatically receive performance indicators such as areas for improvement and high performance zones. Know who and what to focus on using performance based feedback that highlight individuals or areas which require urgent revision.

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Optical Character Recognition

Instantly transcribe characters from written to digital! A novel solution to answering and assessing mathematical workings and open-ended questions. Interfaced our platform, this augmentation closes the online gap between student and teacher even further. Don't type, just write!

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