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E-assessment & Personalized Learning Platform

How SmartJen Works

With intelligent and integrable Smart features, we bring together all your teaching essentials and e-assessment to make personalised teaching a breeze

Adaptive Worksheet Generator With The Smartest AI

Automated AI-recommended worksheets based on intelligent analysis of learners learning profiles and needs. Alternatively, you can create your own or choose from our ready-to-use question bank.

Real Time Monitoring

Watch your learners just like in-person class. Monitor and assess them ‘live’ as they complete their assignments, providing instant guidance whenever they raise their hands.

Precise Learning Gap Identification

Dive deeper and gain insights into your learners’ progress, pinpointing their strengths & weaknesses with accuracy based on detailed data and statistics down to granular level.

Collaborate in Learning Space

Teach, manage and collaborate with learners in a highly dynamic Learning Space.

Our sister product, HeyHi, equips you with an interactive Community Wall, state-of-the-art intuitive teaching tools and collaborative features that mimic real classroom experience.

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Jen SmartJen

Key Features

Simple yet sophisticated! Find the features that make SmartJen stands out in the crowd.

Worksheet Generator

Streamline worksheet creation to just 3 simple steps. Format and edit them easily based on your desired parameters and our generator will do the rest.

SmartJen Question Bank

Provide hundreds of thousands of ready-to-use questions curated by experienced educators. The extensive question bank contains both Singapore Ministry of Education’s syllabus and other country-specific localisation.

Personal Question Bank

Digitise and manage the materials you accumulated over the years in a centralised source. Use videos, images and many more to suit your pedagogy and customise with ease.

Content Library

Turn your materials into digital modules and scale your teaching globally. Organise the content conveniently to suit different modes of learning such as self-paced & drip-feed.

Advanced Data Analytics

Analyse millions of learners’ learning points and gain actionable insights on how they can improve. Tailor lessons based on a concise and real-time evaluation of individual and group’s holistic performance.

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented with AI-powered algorithms, our platform analyses and makes diagnosis based on data collated with further optimisation using machine learning technology in Recommendation System to facilitate adaptive learning.

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Jolane Ang
Linda Koh

Founder Heuristics Science

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Rosalind Ong
Rosalind Ong

Founder Of Fun Language Learning

“The whole SmartJen team is very dependable and responsive to feedback, be it suggestions on features, technical difficulties or any other issues related to user or system.

I am privileged to have a chance to engage them to digitise my language materials. They definitely added value to my work process, making it smoother for the tutors to assign worksheets and classes. We can now track student progress even better thanks to the AI technology used. This is a milestone step towards achieving personalised learning for the learners and a selling point for parents who entrust their children to us.

Thank you SmartJen for this wonderful head-start that you’ve given us and we look forward to a long-term collaboration with you.“

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