Bringing Personalised and Collaborative Education to Indonesia

We are delighted to partner with Master Course (MC) in Indonesia to bring personalised and collaborative education to their students in all levels, including executive learning.

Indonesia is home to 276 million people (World Bank, 2021) with a surging trend of individuals using the Internet at 54% (World Bank, 2020). Its education system comprises 4 levels of education consisting of a mandatory of twelve years of education – 6 years of primary school (Sekolah Dadar) and 3 years each of junior high school (Sekolah Menengah Pertama) and high school (Sekolah Menengah Atas). 

Indonesia has one of the largest educations in the world with more than 50 million students, 3 million teachers and 300,000 schools, according to Statista Research Department (Aug 2022). Its government has raised their budget over the years to around 550 trillion Indonesian rupiah, not only to encourage participation by improving access but also focusing on enhancing its quality now through the use of latest technologies. 

For MC, their teaching extends beyond the Regular Programs for junior and high schools, providing Intensive Programs for university entrance and Executive Programs for preparation of the Candidate Selection System for State Civil Apparatus (SSCASN).

Specifically for the Intensive Program, MC has succeeded in graduating 970 students at state universities located throughout Indonesia with graduates from Department of Medicine & Health, Department of Engineering, Science & Teacher Training, Department of Social & Humanities and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Marine.

MC was established in 2013 by Mr Randy. As a leading learning centre based in South and West Sulawesi, they have mentored around 3388 students in the last 7 years. He embarked on his education journey more than a decade ago as an English tutor when he was still in college. Upon graduation, he continued in the industry and undertook various roles. One of which was as an Academic Director where he organised learning in 28 locations. 

Thank you for choosing SmartJen and HeyHi to accompany you in making a difference for education in Indonesia.

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